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My apologies for not being on much today.

I’ll be in and out tonight and tomorrow, so if anyone needs anything, leave me something in the inbox.

Anonymous whispered: Catalina Lopez

Female ban.

Anonymous whispered: Can we just submit our gifts to the person and they can post them on dash?

Yes, that’ll work even better.

I need everyone out of the cut, doing something.

Were gifts given out already?

I’ll give you guys about 30-45 minutes of free party time before I do the plot twists.Try to give out some of your gifts for secret Santa somewhere during this time.

So where are all the people that were on at a quarter to 8?
Anonymous whispered: can i be ashlynn?

Female ban.

Everyone should start making their way to the party.

Now would be the appropriate time to post your pictures and all of that, then head over to Chance’s house.

All of you better be on in half an hour.

Don’t let me find out y’all are hiding in fan mail during this party. Everyone’s been wanting plot twists, so don’t bail when you’re finally about to get one.

The confession blog is just sitting there.

Utilize it. Send things in, whether on anon or off.


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