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Meet TIARA JEFFRIES. She is the 19 year old daughter of a singer. People often mistake her for tjuliette. Tiara is currently OPEN.


Birthday: October 19,1994.
Sexual Orientation: Straight. 
Ethnicity: African-American & Puerto Rican.


A true ride or die with the voice of an angel, Tiara Jeffries is on of the most down to earth celebrity kids known to date. She knows what it’s like to be at the bottom so she doesn’t take her mother’s fame for granted. You ask her her opinion on a topic and she’ll keep it one hundred percent with you. Tiara, or T.J. as her ex Cameron began calling her, is someone that you’d want to surround yourself around. Tiara and Cameron met at 13 years old when his father first began producing music for her mother. They instantly hit it off and since that day TIara had his back. When they turned 16 rumors about other girls began to flock around the media, Tiara being the girl she is denied everything and invested her all into her man and their relationship. One day while Tiara was having a girl’s night out with some friends she caught Cameron necking with another girl. She hesitated to call it quits, wanting to just stay friends.


on and off ex girlfriend.


"I gave my all to Cameron and he did me too dirty. Yeah, he’ll forever be my friend but I’m not so sure about trusting him to have my heart again."

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